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Sorry for any mistakes.
The song - Fading like a flower by Roxette.

Every time I see you, oh
I try to hide away…

You were walking down the street, exhausted after staying up for studying the whole night. You had your exams next moth so you just couldn’t waste your time for fooling around and doing things that you loved. Well, at least there was one thing you found enjoyable at your stage – dark haired man with hypnotizing blue eyes. You admired the mysterious aura surrounding him. He seemed he had no friends at school, but all the girls loved him, smiling faintly and blushing every time he looked at them. You never wanted to act like those stupid chicks, so you pretended you’re not interested. But, gosh, seeing him with black leather jacket and blue Camaro convertible was just too much for you. You tried to avoid him, but sometimes it was just impossible… Just like today. Your face went pale when you heard the sound of engine you knew so well right behind you. You tried to speed up and run away, but it was too late. You heard the car’s door being closed and the steps reaching you.

“Hi, (your/name)” the most handsome man ever called Damon Salvatore said to you, smirking. You just loved his mischievous smirk. It matched him obscenely well and was making your heart tremble. His blue eyes were hidden behind a pair of black Ray-Bans.

“Hi Damon, how are you doing?” you asked, trying to calm yourself down. OMFG, you were actually taking to him!

“Alright, hottie, and you?” he asked, taking his sunglasses off.

“Um, great, despite the fact we’ve got a test today” you said. “Nice Ray-Bans by the way” you added, smiling gently. He gave you another smirk.

“Thanks, hottie” he replied, lowering his voice. Aw, could he be more sexy? The answer came soon, cause you just reached the school’s door. Damon opened them for you, saying “Ladies first.”

“Thanks” you uttered, feeling the your cheeks become hot and red.

But when we meet
it seems I can’t let go…

“My pleasure, hottie” he whispered from behind your back. “What do we got now?” he asked louder.

“Maths test” you answered, your face going crooked. You hated maths as hell.

“Aaaw, so that was the test you were talking about!” he realized, laughing as you were walking towards the classroom. You frowned at him. “May I sit somewhere next to you, (y/n)?” he asked giving you a look with his innocent puppy eyes. You couldn’t refuse his extremely cute face.

“Sure, no prob” you shrugged. “But you’ve gotta do something for me too then” you added, smirking.

“I’ll figure something out, hottie. Thanks” he agreed. You couldn’t believe how lucky you were. You spotted the jealous sights of girls from your class when you came into with Damon b your side. Your best friend was ill anyway, so the sexiest guy on the world took a seat just next to you. Then, the teacher gave you the test. You smiled. It was an easy one. Damon didn’t even try to understand the equations. You solved them quickly and helped him. That was when the teacher spotted you.

“Salvatore and (y/last name). Are you on a date or you’re cheating?” she asked with disapproving voice.

“That’s a date, Ms Banner” Damon replied with a mischievous smile. All your mates laughed at you two. You blushed like an idiot.

“I can understand your affection, but do not cheat or I will take your tests away” she warned, letting you continue writing. She didn’t catch you two once again. You felt proud of yourself, managing to write your own test and Damon’s one as well. But just after the school bell rang, dark haired man thanked you and left. You sighed, feeling slightly disappointed.

Every time you leave the room
I feel I’m fading like a flower…


* time skip brought to you by the freakin’ IRON MAN himself! *

You were at your house, killing the sadness by watching your favorite series on the Internet, when you heard the doorbell. All your family members went out for the evening, so you groaned but stood up and went downstairs to open the door. You were wearing your sweatpants and (fave/color) tank top, hair tied in a loose plait. You unlocked the door and widened you eyes because of who you saw.

“Hello, (y/n)” Damon grinned, leaning to the door jamb. He was wearing a black shirt with stand-up collar, dark jeans and, as usual, black leather jacket with John Varvatos’ logo on the pocket. You flushed slightly, feeling embarrassed with your own appearance.

“D-Damon, what are you doing here?” you uttered, not even trying to hide how surprised you were.

“Hey, I promised I’d do something for you, sooo…” he said, giving you a dirty smirk. “Would you like to go out somewhere?” he asked. Your heart started beating insanely fast. You just couldn’t believe what he had said.

“Wait, now?” you frowned. Damon shrugged.

“Yeah. If you’ve got a time today, why not?” he smiled.

“But I’ll have to dress up…” you protested.

“You don’t. You look pretty hot now” he said, scanning your body. You were sure your cheeks were red as hell now.

“Ummm… thanks…” you stuttered God, did he just said you looked hot?!. “But let me just change it, okay?” you asked, stepping back.

“Okay then, if you insist… May I come in?” Damon said, rolling his eyes.

“Sure” you managed to say and smile faintly. “Let’s go to my room then, there’s no one in home but me.”

“Lead me, hottie” he said, following you on your way upstairs. He took a seat on your bed while you opened your wardrobe. You were happy your room was tidied.

“Pick a dress” Damon said, grinning. You looked at him and saw he was laying on your bed.

“What are you planning?” you asked curiously, looking for a proper dress. You decided to take out the tight plain (fave/color) one, ending right above you knee.

“Just a little party” he said with low voice that caused your creeps.

“Is this one ok?” you asked when you calmed yourself down, showing him the dress. He stood up and moved closer to you. He looked carefully at the dress and then moved his sight on your body.

“Definitely, hottie” he said, smirking. You were hypnotized by his blue eyes so you had no idea how he managed to come so close to you. He grabbed you by your sweatpants’ belt to close the space between you two in a passionate kiss. You dropped the dress on the floor. His hands were holding you tight while your put your on his shoulders. You could feel the pressure of his body and admire his soft lips with the smell of his strong aftershave. You moaned when his tongue made its way to your lips and slipped down your neck just then.

“Mmm… you’re biting like a freaking vampire” you whispered with pleasure.

“You have no idea” he giggled and continued caressing your skin.

Okay, here's some VD one-shot stuff... 
Written for my friend as she loves Damon. I think he's kinda hot too :3
I've never seen the series at all, just read one or two books (and didn't like em) so I am very sorry for the mistakes.
Inspired by "Fading like a flower" by the awesome Roxette ;)

Please levae a comment so I can improve my writing :>
Hope you like it!

I do not own Damon, Damon owns you.
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